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where light does not reach #2
at Konstakademien Galleri Väst, Stockholm
17 december 2016 - 5 february 2017

(dit ljuset inte når)


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where light does not reach #1
5 museum´s at Örebro Konsthall, Örebro
10 oktober - 15 november 2015

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Darkness is the absence of light, or lack of sun rays. 
The darkest part of the day is the night. In western culture 
black is the color of mourning and seriousness.
Black can be defined as the absence or presence of all 
colors and the reason why something looks black to the eye 
is that no visible colors are reflected. 
Black represents the initial emptiness associated with fear 
and even the unknown because darkness prevents vision.
Black has been linked to insurgents, and it is told that 
someone took off his black silk petticoat before a 
demonstration in Paris in 1883, hung it on a broomstick and 
anarkism had its flag.

Where the light does not reach illuminates the past and a 
possible future in harmony with what is called now. 
This exhibition can be seen as an archive of different 
layers of hidden messages and memories. Essentially what we 
don't see, but that still exist. All things that seems to 
be lost can after all be present. 
Therefore, there is a presence of the absent. 
The blackness represents a void, where the light does not 

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