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one year on the other side
at They know I am listening
the small gallery at Konstnärshuset Stockholm
solo 9-27 november 2013

12 paper on the wall with traces from every day in 12 months
12 red boxes with traces and text in each box from every day
during my year in NY

see the exhibition in the main gallery: they-know-i-am-listening
see the rest at the small gallery:drawings-from-the-future


one year on the other side
at Verge Art Fair, 159 Bleecker Street NYC
3-6 may 2012

Ongoing work during my year in NY with images and text in
12 parts (one part for every month)
At Verge Art Fair I present September 2011 and April 2012

one year nära.jpg

HS fläcktext september.jpg
HS fläcktext oktober.jpg
HS fläcktext november.jpg
HS fläcktext december.jpg

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