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so holy hidden 
at Kunsthall 44, Møn Denmark
22 june - 11 august 2013

sound installation with found objects 
group exhibition: The Hammer Without a Master
responded on the Fluxus artist Henning Christiansens archive

Curated by Chiara Giovando

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a table displays various personal objects 
play with the material it self and the spiritual in real time

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4 framed work of Henning Christiansen from The Archive is 
almost hidden behind doors

A clairvoyant, Sillanpää works in direct response to specific 
environments using found objects and constructed materials to 
build intricately assembled situations. Both pointing to a possible 
past and a potential future, there is a presence that exists in this 

A table displays various personal objects. In the center is an 
image of a performance that Christiansen made 1996, 
titled Lagerplatz or Valhalla, staged in Berlin, here Sillanpää has 
superimposed her self into the image.
Born 1965, Sillanpää came to the earth at the onset of the Fluxus 
Movement. Her practice embraces a real time play with both the 
material and spiritual as she brings an intuited response to the 
immediate. In her words; there is the other one who is sitting with 
in the room.

Chiara Giovando

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