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drawings from the future
the small gallery at They know I am listening
Konstnärshuset Stockholm
solo exhibition (both gallery spaces)
april-may 2013

original title: teckningar från framtiden
one wall with about 300 drawings and text-prints

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drawings from the future
Gallery SE, Falun Sweden
solo exhibition
april-may 2013

original title: teckningar från framtiden
one room with about 500 drawings and text-prints on the walls
(enlarge each drawing)

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hs framtidsteckning.jpg

drawings from the future
Martin Bryder Gallery, Lund Sweden
solo exhibition
aug-sept 2011

original title: teckningar från framtiden
(det är bara å fortsätta tugga)
two rooms with about 700 drawings and 50 text-prints on the walls

examples of the texts:
I had some help.
I do not know. 
I guess there are some people on the island.
I did not see anything.
I did not touch anything.
I have seen enough. 
I was blind.
I extinguished.
I waited for a while.
I disappear.
I work as an obsessed.
I like to be considerate.
I touched her hair.
I had all the time felt that there was something.
I can not describe it exactly.
I did not know anyone in real life.
I suppose it sounds very innocent.
-I understand.
I said all the time that it does not matter.
I elevate.
I convert.
I seem to be fretful.
I was so anxious but
I did not mean anything personal.
I rub my nose.
I pondered on some other difficult questions that
I could ask.
I knew 
I was one of another kind.
I could not purely distrust everything.
I could actually be true.
I am looking as 
I presumed that it still was a strong kinship.
examples of the 777 drawings:
teckning 3.jpg